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if i ever stop reblogging this assume I am dead


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*doesn’t check bank account*
*pretends everything is fine*

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This is a real thing

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La Mano del Destino (2014) by J. Gonzo

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Most of the questions I get are on my process and brushes, so I figure I may as well do it properly and make a real process post to share! My process can vary a lot from image to image but this is how I generally approach doing character work at least.

I use pretty basic brushes. A hard opacity round brush, something with a little chalky grit to it and a soft edge brush. The textured one really doesn’t matter to me that much, it’s just there to provide some noise and edge control where I need it. I feel like my work informs the brush I pick rather than the other way around.

A lot of the heavy lifting starts in the beginning for me. I like to work on a tight drawing and use that as my skeleton for the rest of the painting. The underdrawing isn’t meant to be pretty since little of it will remain in the final, but I keep it around. The original spirit of what’s interesting is sparked in the drawing, so if i lose it while painting I can always look back to it to see what was lost.

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Self-taught chef Rhiannon over at Cakecrumbs has been working on a fun series of planetary cakes that are designed to be scientifically accurate with different types of cake representing various layers within Earth and Jupiter.

(This Is Colossal.)

Her cake game is strong.

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